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Native Nepali Agro Supplies Pvt Ltd is one of the leading exporters of Himalayan Natural Products from Nepal. We have been dealing with Nepali Himalayan products since 2016 Nepal is a paradise of myths and mountains, Himalayas and history, Yaks and yetis, caste and culture, magic and mantras, festivals, fairy tales and famous for natural herbs and medicinal plants. Nepalese herbs are exported to third countries in large quantities. We supply Nepalese herbs as per your requirements.

Native Nepali Agro Supplies Pvt ltd has received various reward and appreciation from Nepal Government and many national and International Agencies. We mostly focus on Quality products and Customers Satisfaction. We have been working with more than 8000 farmers directly / indirectly and we are supporting in Technical, Processing, Financing, Quality improvement and accessing the Himalayan Product to National and international market. We hope that our teams combined experience, knowledge, reputation and quality products will definitely meet the Clients requirements.

Mega Dog chews (chhurpi) is one of the Popular Brand mostly export to European and American Market. Chhurpi is made from an ancient recipe from the people of Himalayas in the form of hard cheese. It is made using traditional methods with Yak and cow milk and all natural ingredients with no preservatives or binding agent. It contains high sources of protein, various amino acids, antioxidant, and omega3 fatty acid. Mega Dog chews (chhurpi) is also a supplement of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin A, B & E. Mega Dog chews is available depending on the size and eating habit of dog, this can be a very long –lasting dog chews. This is the premium products for dogs all over the world from the Himalayas.

Why Chhurpi Dog Chew ?

100% Natural
Easily Digestible
Free Space
Gmo Grain & Gluten Free
Odor Free
Vet Recommended
Long Lasting
High Protein Source