Himalayan Chhurpi Dog Chew (Chhurpi)

Chhurpi is made from an ancient recipe from the people of the Himalayas in the form of hard cheese. It is made using traditional methods with Yak and cow milk and all-natural ingredients with no preservatives or binding agents. The process of making Chhurpi involves boiling the milk, separating the whey, and then shaping and drying the remaining curd. The resulting hard cheese is then sliced into sticks and let dry and smoke for a month. Chhurpi is an ancient recipe from the Himalayas used as a human dish and later on due to its nutrients and health benefit it has been widely popular among dogs around the world.

Chhurpi chews are often considered a natural and healthy alternative to rawhide or synthetic chews. They are generally free from artificial additives and preservatives, chemicals, grain & gluten, lactose, and hormones. Additionally, they can help promote dental health by reducing tartar buildup and providing a satisfying chewing experience for dogs.

This product is popular by different names i.e. Churpi, Chhurpi Dog Chew, Himalayan Dog Chew, Himalayan Bones, Himalayan Yak Chew, Durkha Chew, Yak Cheese Dog Chew, Yak Cheese Sticks, Smoked Hard Cheese Dog Chew and many more.