Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself

Generally popular size chews are : small(30 gms) ,medium (75 gms),Large (100 gms),extra large(170 gms) and king size (200+ gms). We can make ready other sizes of chews as per the client’s requirements.

As the chews are in hard form, they can last for (3-4) years and it depends on how you store them.

Major cracks, mould growth, major pores in a surface, and contamination of chews with other external particulars may affect the quality of the chews.

Churpi is made from yak and cow milk in the form of hard cheese,to avoid the mold growth and excessive cracking,cool and dry place is highly recommended.

Yes ,churpi is a traditional receipe for human consumption in Nepal ,Tibet , Himalayan region of India and Bhutan as well. When we talk about dog treats we can get it in puff form (microwaved churpi) and seasoning powder.

When the dog about to finish the chews and it comes to the end pieces they may try to swallow the small pieces which may cause choking hazards and other difficulties. You can take the piece and put it in the microwave (2-3 min.) to get in puffs form. After cooling down, you can give back to your dog as treats.

We are working with numerous farmers/dairies directly & indirectly and focusing on producing quality chews & supporting them to promote their livelihood. We have 6 dairies that directly associated with us. As we are associated with the dairies, we can offer the best quality chews.

To create this delicious Himalayan dog chew, the Yak milk is boiled for an hour and then poured into a hand-cranked centrifuge to remove all the fat. The now fat-free milk is used to make these dog treats while the fat is made into butter which the local community uses. When the milk has cooled, a touch of lime juice and salt is added as a coagulant, before the milk solids are separated and washed to remove the whey and any remaining hints of salt and lime juice.

Having fully considered the labor cost and some other factors when producing the product, we set up the minimum order quantity of chew i.e. 300 KG. But customers can negotiate with us about the MOQ if they have further cooperation intention with us.

  • Purchase Order from customer
  • Proforma Invoice of order
  • Commercial Invoice Order
  • Advance Payment Certificate
  • Packing List
  • Nepal Government, Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Food Technology & Quality Control, Quarantine Test Report (Sample here)
  • Nepal Government, Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Livestock Services, Directorate of Animal Health, Veterinarian Sanitary Certificate (If required by the buyer or the importing country customs; it takes minimum 2-3 weeks after the company receives the advance payment to get this certificate from the Government – Sample here)
  • Certificate of Origin – C/O, COO
  • Generalized System of Preferences – GSP for custom tax free access of goods from Nepal
  • Export Custom Clearance from Nepal Port
  • Airway Bill